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Do you want to become the best version of you? Find your best life? Achieve all your goals? Be both modest about your accomplishments, and known for it? Then sign up for the international Wonderful Woman Webinar Week! Each day you we offer you another FREE online workshop, that helps you to become the best version of you.

During the Wonderful Woman Webinar Week you will learn:

  • What makes you your best you, and what stops you from being or becoming that
  • How to optimize and accelerate your development
  • How to live a personal and working life in which your qualities can come to full bloom
  • How to make sure that you get the job and the reward for your work that you want


Why do we, Gustaaf Vocking and Nathalie Soeteman, host this week, free of charge? Simply because we believe that more feminine behavior in general, and more feminine leadership in specific, will make the world a better place. Quite some research matches your – and our – experience.

On the one hand feminine people are:

  • more critical of themselves
  • more modest in behavior (e.g. get lower pay)
  • more likely to give help, than ask for it

On the other hand feminine leadership leads to:

  • better, more sustainable and more lasting results
    • happier workplaces

    After many years of coaching, training and key note speaking on this, we decided that we want to reach out to more women, worldwide. Simply because we think you deserve it, and probably are unlikely to ask for it. We aim to share and facilitate sharing of inspiration and insights. Thus helping you to become (more of) the wonderful woman that you are. All we wish for, is that you ask and share, with us and each other. That is why we offer you both the
    Wonderful Women community
    and this free set of online workshops.

    The Wonderful Woman Webinar Week is for any woman (and man who helps and thinks like them), from all over the world, who wants to boost her ability to improve herself. In small or big steps. By gaining new philosophies and insights, and through sharing the knowledge and experience she already possesses.
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    The Wonderful Woman Webinar Week is accessible through the internet. On demand versions will be made available, so you will be able to watch the webinars (again) at a time that fits your busy life and schedule best.

    Sign up and become (more of) the Wonderful Woman that you are!

    Let us know that you want to be there,
    so we can reserve your seat now.

    Meet Your Hosts and Speakers

    Gustaaf VockingGustaaf Vocking
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Power2Improve

    Gustaaf was left as a Colombian foundling on the doorstep of a nuns monastery, then got adopted from a orphanage, ran be women. Love, education (Econometrics, Information Management, Psychology and an executive MBA) and inspiring people and events made him a smart, sensitive and loving person. Now he helps people and organizations grow by coaching, training and consultancy. His greatest expertise: leadership, communication and brain skills. He works, connects and co-creates passionately with ambitious managers, experts and professionals around the world. He is a much sought after and highly rated speaker.

    Connect with Gustaaf:

    Nathalie SoetemanNathalie Soeteman Chief Happiness & Engagement Officer, Power2Improve

    Nathalie is an acknowledged, ahead of the game Positive Change Agent, as well as a highly regarded Intuitive and Positive Psychology Coach. Both from her professional and personal experience she knows how important it is to find and live your best life. What possibilities come your way when you do, and what happens if you don’t.
    For Power2Improve she, next to being the Chief Happiness and Engagement Officer, provides consulting, coaching, training, workshops and lectures in the field of marketing, communications, PR, social media, personal branding, innovation, teaming and (personal) leadership.

    Connect with Nathalie: