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About Nathalie Soeteman

Nathalie heeft een passie voor het tot stand brengen van verbinding. Tussen organisaties en doelen, management en medewerkers, bedrijven en klanten, ratio en emotie. Want, zo is haar overtuiging, samen wordt alles beter en in dialoog ontstaat duurzaam resultaat. Graag helpt ze jou – of jullie – om echt contact te maken. Om samen tot volle bloei te komen en gezamenlijke doelen te realiseren.
2 03, 2017

Are you the Compliment Master of your team?

By |2017-03-02T00:19:03+02:00March 2, 2017|Happiness, People|

Compliments are not only nice to receive, they also contribute to success. Not only the one who gets a compliment will improve, also the one who hands it out. Teams that regularly praise, are UP TO 4X MORE SUCCESSFUL. How good are you at giving compliments? Today, March 1 is National Compliment Day. [...]

20 07, 2015

The 4 most important things you can learn from Disney’s Inside Out

By |2016-11-13T12:27:33+02:00July 20, 2015|Happiness, Health|

Disney's acclaimed, latest animation picture Inside Out takes place in the head of the 11-year-old girl Riley. Five emotions, personalized by as many characters - joy, fear, anger, sadness and disgust - help her to understand both the world in her head and that surrounding her. The script is based on director Pete Docter's own [...]


Power2Improve – your power to improve yourself

Our method

Besides directly applicable theory that will give you results, optimal development requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, we work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive Psychology. Where it helps and is needed, complemented with Oriental theories and practices. We work evidence based: from research and – especially – if it works for you.

Why us?

10 reasons to choose Power2Improve:

1. Customization
2. Experiential learning
3. Evidence based
4. Concrete and tangible approach
5. Controllable results
6. Personal intake
7. Immediately applicable in your
own practice
8. International experience
9. Taking learning style into account
10. Attention to body and mind

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