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We help you to improve yourself

The experienced coaches, trainers and consultants of Power2Improve help you to improve yourself, in a sustainable, highly impactful way. By supporting you in acquiring and developing the knowledge, skills and behaviors that you need. In the area of leadership, online and offline communication and brain skills.

The internationally oriented company, based in The Netherlands, specializes in Studentimized training, workshops, coaching, advisory and special programs. Based on the latest scientific evidence, for example from economics, psychology and sociology, and best practices. Offline, online and blended. We stand for custom made experiential learning. What you have mastered, you can put into practice immediately. In fact, that it works for you and your application, in your context, is paramount. Hence, every project starts with a personal intake.

That the improvements work for you and your application, in your context, is paramount.

Why us?

Power2Improve was founded by Gustaaf Vocking in 2003. With the aim of helping people to improve themselves. By gaining insight and the (further) development of their competencies and skills. Both individually and as a team. Whether we succeeded? Just read how our customers experience our consulting, coaching, training and workshops!

Besides directly applicable theoretical insight, optimal development requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, we work from the principles of life coaching, vitality, Appreciative Coaching and Positive Psychology. Where it works and is needed, together with other Eastern and Western theories and practices. We always work evidence-based: from research and – especially – when it works for you. In addition, we take your personal learning style into account. No woolly stuff, but an actual, tangible and verifiable approach, with ditto results. That’s why we provide modules on e.g. Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Change Management for an international MBA, doctoral students and university teachers from all over the world.
We can also support you with strategic and practical advise. Our work is focused on helping you to do it yourself, as quickly as possible.

A concrete, tangible and verifiable approach, ditto result.

  • Customization
  • Experiential learning
  • Evidence based
  • Concrete and tangible approach
  • Verifiable results
  • Personal intake
  • Directly applicable to your practice
  • International experience
  • Taking into account your learning style
  • Attention to body and mind

More about us

Our services

Advisory and inspiration

Are you facing challenges that deal with (personal) leadership, communication, strategy, change and engagement of customers and employees? With some happily supplied help from us on the design and implementation of your plan, you will quickly be able to deal with those issues yourself!

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Coaching is a good way to reflect on your daily practice. It is possible to receive personal guidance for a period of time by one – or several – of our coaches. They will help you to see what you can do yourself to improve the situation that you are in, and help you to bring that into practice.

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Training and workshops

Trying, discovering and concluding yourself form the basis of the trainings and workshops of Power2Improve. Experiential Learning is what this practical, nice and eye-opening didactic method is called. The curriculum we offer can be applied in practice immediately.

Our specialties

Our special programs

At the request of our clients, we develop complete courses, programs and minors. People are at the core and form the base of our workshops, training, coaching and peer group facilitating. More and more companies and institutions are interested in this. Also, individuals ask us how they can be part of these special programs. We are more than happy to offer that possibility. Below is a summary. In case of questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Are you interested and would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Partners and networks

Power2Improve meets the requirements for the Quality Code for Teachers from the Dutch Central Register of Short Vocational Education (CRKBO).

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Power2Improve is proud to be a partner of Charter for Compassion International. This organization wants to bring the Charter for Compassion, initiated by Karen Armstrong and the Council of Conscience, in practice.

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Power2Improve is on the social map of the Dutch HSP center of expertise Gave Mensen, as coaches who specialize in the field of giftedness and high sensitivity.

Humanizing Business is our partner organization that helps organizations to build on their joint enthusiasm and achieve optimal business results.