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Helping people to help themselves, and each other. That is the main reason for our doing for over 10 years. We have already helped more than 10,000 individuals from all over the world. Experienced international business leaders, renowned experts, ambitious and talented students and schoolchildren. At the request of our clients we tailor make trainings and workshops, as well as develop complete courses, programs and minors. Being human is central and our workshops, training and coaching portfolio form the base. Please find an overview of our People trainings below.

We also will be happy to inspire and support you with our advisory, coaching and trainingPersonalized Training and Practical Coaching and Studentimized Blended Learning are also possible.

Different subjects and levels for different groups of people

Our training courses are available for beginners and advanced. They can be followed both in succession and separate from each other. The overview below shows the people trainings, we have put together and implemented for a variety of experts, professionals and managers throughout Europe. In practice, no training is the same, because we taylor it to the needs of the participants. Another reason for the custom made training is that the best way to permanently improve yourself is by means of experiential learning.

We offer several courses for different groups of people and various themes:


Young professionals

Change agents

I am… so much more than a personal brand Starting successfully How to Really Change the World
Top woman? Find your top life! Personal branding How to Really Change the World Summer School
Co-creative communication for women Social media for personal leaders Improved improver
Purposeful leadership without a title Reducing and avoiding workload Viral reporting
Wonderful Woman Week Managing your boss Enthusiasm training and coaching
Powerful and vulnerable

Personal advice?

Do you want advice on which training best suits your learning and development needs best? Please feel free to contact us!

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Power2Improve – your power to improve yourself

Our method

Besides directly applicable theory that will give you results, optimal development requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, we work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive Psychology. Where it helps and is needed, complemented with Oriental theories and practices. We work evidence based: from research and – especially – if it works for you.

Why us?

10 reasons to choose Power2Improve:

1. Customization
2. Experiential learning
3. Evidence based
4. Concrete and tangible approach
5. Controllable results
6. Personal intake
7. Immediately applicable in your
own practice
8. International experience
9. Taking learning style into account
10. Attention to body and mind

Contact information

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Telephone: +31 (0)6 - 306 696 94

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