Power2Improve Academy introduces Studentimized Blended Learning. Our unique and proven learning method offers efficient, effective learning results in a very economical fashion. Such that all stakeholders achieve their goals. Learning outcome for the participant or student: acquiring required knowledge and skills. Learning efficiency for the educational institution, employer, customer or supplier: desired result per euro (or dollar) invested.

The workshops, training and coaching Academy Power2Improve are targeted to:

  • the level
  • the learning style
  • the learning preferences
  • the learning needs and
  • the application context
of the individual participant. Hence, every training, workshop and series of coaching sessions starts with a personal intake and/or test.

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Always, in every learning environment, on any device

Studentimized Blended Learning always works. In every learning environment and on any device. Students at colleges and universities, excellent students, but also employees and customers of companies take advantage of the high learning efficiency.

In the form of custom-designed skills programs and Future Proof Professional programs for customer academies and corporate universities, for example. A specially formulated Studentimized Blended Volunteer Academy is also a possibility.

The for the participant optimized combination of online and offline learning

Basic knowledge participants gain online. What they can improve after that, they learn during targeted on site workshops.

Topic of your choice

Power2Improve Academy offers customized Studentized Blended Learning solutions. In Dutch and English. Various topics are possible. Think i.a. of:

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Optimal learning results and learning efficiency

Studentized Blended Learning is effective, efficient and economical:

  • Truly tailored.
  • At their own pace, anywhere, on any device.
  • Participants only spend their time on what they have to improve.
  • Basic knowledge participants gain online. What they still have to improve after that, they learn during targeted on-site workshops.
  • Only use of resources for people who are motivated.
  • Measurable results.
  • Participants learn from and with each other.


Peer and meta-learning

Studentimized Blended Learning helps participants to develop themselves in the most effective way, using the latest developments and insights from psychology, sociology, education sciences and best practices.

  • Studentized Blended Learning encourages and facilitates self-directed, peer and meta-learning.
  • Piggybacking and waiting times are minimized for participants.
  • Based on their individual behavior, participants will receive signals that facilitate and accelerate their learning.
  • Participants also receive practical tips, based on effective learning behavior of participants with a similar profile.

studenten, student, Tilburg University, UvT, studentimized, blended, learning, online, mobiel, mobile

Complete Studentimized Blended Learning Skills Program

For Tilburg University we develop and provide a complete Studentimized Blended Learning Skills Program, in Dutch and in English. The approximately 1,000 first-year Bachelor students from six different training modules get online and on-campus workshops on which elements of the curriculum in
Tilburg Universitywhich they themselves can improve their knowledge and skills. Topics they have already mastered, they can skip. This results in more motivated students, and arguably better and lasting study results.