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Our method

Besides directly applicable theory that will give you results, optimal development requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, we work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive Psychology. Where it helps and is needed, complemented with Oriental theories and practices. We work evidence based: from research and – especially – if it works for you.

Why us?

10 reasons to choose Power2Improve:

1. Customization
2. Experiential learning
3. Evidence based
4. Concrete and tangible approach
5. Controllable results
6. Personal intake
7. Immediately applicable in your
own practice
8. International experience
9. Taking learning style into account
10. Attention to body and mind

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At Power2Improve we help individuals, teams, companies and the world to become the better version of themselves.

Power2Improve provides a complete solution for the insightful acquisition and development of (new) skills. We do this on the basis of the latest scientific insights and best practices. In a combination of (online) programs, advice, coaching, training, workshops and change programs.

We stand for data-driven tailor-made experiential learning: we focus on what you, your team or your organization need to achieve the top.


What do you want to improve?


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Special programs


Tailored for you, to improve yourself and reach the top

Every person has his or her own request for assistance and developmental needs. You probably already know and can do a lot. That’s why we provide customized services. Workshops, training, coaching and special programs. Exactly tailored to your needs, your situation andyour learning style. So you can sustainably improve yourself and reach your top.

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Brain Skills


Your life


Online presence


Let’s discuss how you can achieve your goals!

The consultants, coaches and trainers of Power2Improve help you to improve yourself, permanently.
In a way that works for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal conversation. We’d love to help you and our coffee is great!

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What our customers have improved with our coaching, training and workshops:

gea weenk

I was very well supported. Therefore I have been able to run a solid, dynamic workshop. Now I am able to really enjoy to perform on stage.

Gea Weenk, District Manager Employee Insurance Agency UWV
Andrew Man
I learned to be well aware of my own strengths, as well as the interests and values of others. This helps me to get people moving.
Andrew Man, Team Manager SNS Bank
karima rijkse, karima, rijkse

In a short periode of time, I have grown tremendously. For years I thought I could not achieve much. Now I am doing things that I find difficult. I don’t walk away from it and get all the support that I need.

Karima Rijkse, Mortgage Advisor ABN AMRO Bank
Lindsay de Sain, Vallen

I was encouraged in a positive way, allowing me to dare to take more initiative. The discussions can be summarized as: interested, pure, enthusiastic, sincere and challenging!

Lindsay de Sain-Vallen, Communication and Marketing Manager Optitrade Retail Group
Kay Goedhardt
The refreshing, creative and profound approach worked. There have been good results and I learned new, surprising things about myself!
Kay Goedhardt, Talent Acquisition Manager Ahold Delhaize
Natascha Bruers

I now dare to face confrontation by speaking from my feelings and needs. This gives me positive energy. I enjoy every day!

Natascha Bruers, Sports Director Special Olympics Netherlands
Irenka van den Hout

Thanks to the wonderful guidance, with sharp questions, I now dare to show emotions in my work. A breakthrough!

Irenka van den Hout, Manager Communication a.i. at MVO companies

I was inspired to look forward in a positive way. I now see that passion, expression and happiness lead to more than being critical and to seeing objections. Thank you!

Consultant New Media, VIVAT Insurances

In a short period I achieved a lot of results. Now I am getting more out of myself. The coach was to the point, in a pleasant way. It was just great, fun, from human to human. Thanks!

Monique Heuverling, Risk Manager SNS Bank N.V.

I went home with new, fresh ideas. I am sure that they will contribute positively to my work.

Communication Consultant

These are some of the organizations we have gladly helped to improve: