Helping people to help themselves, and each other

At the request of our clients, we develop complete courses, programs and minors. People are at the core and form the base of our workshops, training, coaching and peer group facilitating. More and more companies and institutions are interested in this. Also, individuals ask us how they can be part of these special programs. We are more than happy to offer that possibility. Below is a summary. In case of questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to really change the world, verander, veranderen

How to Really Change the World

During this intensive program (also a Bachelor’s minor!) you learn the organizational and personal change skills you need to improve the world (around you). Turn your enthusiastic ideas into substantial and lasting results.

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Samen Scholen, Scholing Together

Schooling Together

For educational institutions (e.g. schools, universities) we provide a special high performance team building program. Teachers, parents and alumni help students during a series of workshops to take responsibility for and control of their school life.

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Geïnspireerd en Inspirerend Docent

Inspired and Inspiring Teacher

Are you a teacher, a trainer or a facilitator and do you want to experience more fun in your work? Do you want to be more satisfied and feel more appreciation? To learn how to really touch people, so the curriculum and life lessons actually take root? Then the certified procedure Inspired and Inspiring Teacher is for you.

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trainer, teacher, coach, train the trainer

 Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach

A Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach distinguishes him/herself by focusing on real and desired outcomes in the students’ and participant’s daily practices. The Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach does this by working along the principles of Actionable Insights, Action learning and Appreciation.

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How to really change the world summer school

How to Really Change the World Summer School

For those who await a tough change assignment after the summer, we organize the How to Really Change the World Summer School. In ten days time you will learn the highlights of what the participants of the regular program internalize in half a year. This requires a high degree of motivation, persistence and inquisitiveness.

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Samen Scholen, Schooling Together, Summer School, Scholing Together

Schooling Together Summer School

For teachers , trainers and facilitators who want to start the new school year in an inspired and inspiring way, we organize the Schooling Together Summer School. During this intensive training you will learn what Schooling Together entails and how you can introduce it in your school.

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 employee with passion

Passionate employees turn customers into more than fans

How do you create a viral effect that automatically attracts more customers? How do you get employees to share knowledge, enjoy their work and be proud to advocate your company? And how can these two groups reinforce each other? With our approach and experience!

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 t-shape, t-shaped, professional, professionals

T-shape Your Experts

Are you and your experts future proof? Deep knowledge only experts are on their way out. Experts with both in-depth expertise and broad general knowledge and skills however, are in demand. These are the T-Shaped Professionals, who combine their knowledge with both strong right and left brain skills, and the know-how to balance those effectively.

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Personal advise?

Would you like advice on which program or training suits your learning and development needs best? Don't hesitate to contact us.