Are you a teacher, a trainer or a facilitator? And would you like to enjoy your work more? Do you want to feel more appreciation and experience more satisfaction? Would you like (former) students, colleagues, parents and family to be your fans? Then the certified methodology Inspired and Inspiring Teacher is for you.

  • Discover how you can help everyone who is following trainings or lessons to learn from their strengths and needs.

  • Experience how you can really touch people, so both the curriculum and life lessons root indeed.

Are you interested in the program? Or do you want to stay informed? Just let us know!

Different levels and focus areas

Inspired and Inspiring Teaching can be practiced at different levels, continuously with the choice of three focus areas. It is possible to follow the course online, with the exception of the hands-on masterclasses.

Scholing Together Summer School

For teachers, trainers and facilitators who want to start the new school year in an inspired and inspiring way, Power2Improve is organizing the Scholing Together Summer School. After successfully completing this intensive Facilitator course, you can immediately enroll in the Practitioner training.

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* Mentor is general, for this level there is no distinction between subject / school level / school.


Each level ends with an exam. This consists of a ready knowledge test and a reflection report. Besides, participants need to prove to a Power2Improve certified Inspired and Inspiring Teacher that they are able to apply the methodology in practice appropriately.

Dates and locations

Will follow (partially online).