Are you facing challenges that deal with leadership, communication, strategy, change and engagement of customers and employees?

Consultancy and interim

With some happily supplied help from us on the design and implementation of your plan, you will quickly be able to deal with those issues yourself!

What are the results?

Our proven method, which has been highlighted in two management books, creates enthusiastic customers and employees, who automatically provide a better and more profitable business*:

Better Performance
Higher Productivity
Higher Sales
Lower Stress
  • A viral effect that lets customers automatically attract more customers.

  • Employees who share more knowledge, enjoy their work and proudly propagate your company.
  • Employees who more often en more effectively share your content with their family and friends.

  • Higher satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy of your customers and employees.
  • Growth in the number of customers because of enthusiastic promoters recommending your business, people, services and products.
  • Increased turnover: more sales of products by both existing and new customers.
  • Decrease of costs because of a.o. absenteeism decrease, lower required marketing, acquisition, retention and product development budget, and increase efficiency.
  • Better results and more revenues through greater creativity and productivity.
  • A pleasant working environment with room for personal development, based on motives, ambitions and talent.
  • Less recruitment costs: employees, job applicants and alumni make your company known as an attractive employer.
  • A strong, not copyable culture: a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • An increase in innovation and change power, allowing your business to respond in a more flexible and decisive way, to the rapid changes with which every organization in the 21st century comes across.
* Based on several scientific studies and our own experience in the field.

Inspiration sessions

Are you looking for inspiration? Curious about the latest (academic) developments and practical applications in the field of (personal) leadership, communication, strategy, change, or involvement of customers and employees? Would you like to learn what other companies have achieved by bringing this into practice already? We love to enthuse, entertrain and inspire! In conjunction with workshops, training and coaching, we regularly, happily and rapidly show the implications and opportunities for your organization. In The Netherlands, and abroad.



Do you have any questions about our consultancy and inspiration session or do you want to start right away? We'd love to hear from you!

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Book a Strengths Creator Scan

Book Makers Strong Scan and get insight into What qualities make you strong and can lead to full bloom. Or do your team a strong Makers analysis session gift and discover how you can be 4x as successful, while you work less hard.

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Frontrunner in the field of sustainable employability

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has proclaimed Power2Improve as a frontrunner in the field of sustainable employability.

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Storytelling: your success story

In this digital age, ‘People Like Me’ are most trusted. That means: your customers and employees. How do you let them share your success story?