Your story goes viral

through your STORY EXPEDITION!


In this digital age, ‘People like you and me’ are trusted most.
This means: your customers and employees!

Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2017

More fans, more revenue and lower cost for you?

Our Story Expedition helps you, step by step, let your story go viral.

You benefit from our Story Expedition, when you…

  • … want to enhance your business’ reputation.

  • … want to launch a new product.

  • … want to market a new company.

  • … want to launch a new brand.

  • …  want to strengthen your employer brand.

  • … want more Share of Voice.

  • … want to increase your company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • … want to increase the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

  • … want more customers.

  • … want to sell more.

Four steps that help you realize your success!

1. Story Strategy

The right goals, and a playing field that enable their realization. We help you efficiently determine and effectively monitor them.

Story Goals and Playing Field

2. Story Planning

To find and formulate your most socially sharable story, and distribute it through the best possible channels, together we create a plan.


3. Story Construction

We help you to find, from and formulate your most socially sharable story.

Story to Tell

4. Story Telling

We facilitate you to tell and spread your story in the most socially sharable way.

Story Shared

With the RIGHT MIX of marketing, communication, training and coaching together we create the ideal conditions for presenting your story in the most catchy way. The result is a multitude of DEVOTED FANS who SHARE your catchy COMMUNICATION MESSAGES enthusiastically.

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The right approach, the right way. Effectively and efficiently executed. Every time.

With the help of Power2Improve you will tell your contagious story.

From inspiration, via advice and expertise, to successful implementation.

The right story

We happily share our knowledge and experience in journalism, storytelling and (online) communications. Together we will find, tell and disseminate your most catchy and contagious story.

The right resources

Our many years of experience in marketing, communications, project, change and program management supply you with the right combination of knowledge and skills, that help you create the optimal playing field, with access to the right resources.

The right skills

A tailored combination of training, coaching and consulting in change management, adoption, effective communication and influencing skills, especially for you. As we do regularly for multinationals, SMEs and Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in the whole of Europe.

The following organizations, just a few of our story expedition clients, we helped to find, tell and disseminate their contagious story:

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