Medewerker met passie, enthousiast, enthousiasme, veranderen, verandering

How do you create a viral effect that automatically attracts more customers? How do you get employees to share knowledge, enjoy their work and be proud to advocate your company? And how can these two groups reinforce each other? With our approach and experience!

  • Learn what the power of enthusiasm can do for your business.
  • Together we determine the right strategy to achieve your goals. On a constructive critical business minded and sharp analytical way.
  • Bring the accompanying change process successfully about.

Targeted with modern media

In our approach your goals are core. Together we define the strategy to achieve them. Subsequently we guide you in finding and using the right message and (modern) means. Moreover, we help you to successfully shape and execute the corresponding change process. Whilst, we are constructively critical, business minded and sharp analytical.

Enthousiasme, training, coaching, viraal, user generated conteneResources are but resources

Gladly we help you to avoid that resources are decisive. Not: “You really have to do something with social media! “Or: “You need to work with SharePoint.” If it contributes to reaching your goals: wonderful! Too often, however, the choice for a medium or channel is a starting point, instead of a logical consequence. Another advantage is that in this way you do not need an IT brain or foreknowledge of systems.

Enthusiasm as accelerator

Where and when it helps to faster reach your goals, we make use of the contagious power of enthusiasm. Fueled by authentic experiences, talents and strengths of clients and employees themselves.

Connect, Flame, Flow, FloodBest practice in two management books

Our methodology is highlighted as best practice in two bestsellers. Both the revised edition of Menno Lanting’s Connect! as the Enthusiasm Trilogy by Rijn Vogelaar describe our approach and results. Connect! was Management Book of the Year 2011. Rijn Vogelaar is the founder of the Superpromoter ideology, which is based on enthusiasm management.

Presentations and workshops

Regularly we receive requests to give a talk about our vision, approach and results. For national and international audiences. Recently we provided presentations and workshops at conferences and seminars in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dublin and Berlin.



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