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Enthusiasm training is aimed at senior managers, managers, project leaders and senior employees, who master the advanced level of leadership and want to further develop themselves in this area. Moreover, enthusiasm training is an excellent tool for managers and employees to find their way in a change process.
You are excited and can not wait to share your enthusiasm. To ‘contaminate’ as many people as possible with that you are so passionate about. You can not imagine that others will not respond at least as excited as you, when you tell them about what you’ve experienced and what you want to share so much. The reality is often different.

During enthusiasm training you learn why this happens and how you can focus your energy more effectively. In a way that yields more. For the recipient, your company or employer, and yourself. During an intake session we determine what combination of training is ideal for you.

You can think of a selection of these trainings.

Enthusiasm training is even more effective in combination with enthusiasm coaching.

Enthusiasm training lasts as long as is necessary and desired. Based on a personal intake session we determine how long it will be in your case. Our assistance can range from a single workshop to a complete package that is tailored just for you. In conjunction with enthusiasm coaching and peer reviews you will achieve an optimum learning result.

Enthusiasm training is also possible as (part of) Personalized Training and Practical Coaching.

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