Enthusiasm coaching

Do you want to learn how the power of enthusiasm can help to accelerate and strengthen both personal and organizational change? How you (together with your teammates) can shift from ‘should’ to ‘willing and able’, in a fun and effective way? Then choose our specially for this purpose developed enthusiasm coaching.

You are excited and can not wait to share your enthusiasm. To ‘contaminate’ as many people as possible with that you are so passionate about. You can not imagine that others, when you tell them about what you’ve experienced and what you want to share so much, do not respond at least as excited as you. The reality is often different.

During enthusiasm coaching you learn why this happens and how you can focus your energy more effectively. In a way that yields more. For the recipient, your company or employer, and yourself.


Enthusiasm coaching lasts as long as is necessary and desired. Based on a personal intake we determine how long it will be in your case. Our assistance can range from conducting some interviews to completing a course of six months to a year. In conjunction with enthusiasm training and peer reviews you will achieve the optimum learning outcome.

Enthusiasm coaching is also available as (part of ) Personalized Training and Practical Coaching.

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Skype coaching

Do you stay or live outside of the Netherlands? No problem. We’d be happy to coach you via Skype. If you want, we record the conversation on video. This allows you to watch, listen and reflect again, when en where it suits you.

Our approach

We work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive PsychologyWhere it helps and is needed, complemented with other Eastern and Western theories and practices. Continuously we work evidence based: based on research and – especially – when it works for you. We focus on your – individual or team – aspirations, needs, values ​​and talents. With the aim to let them optimally flourish and create the best and most lasting results. There is room for business and private issues. In consultation with you(r team) we look at all relevant factors that may help: the mental or psychological, physical, social and emotional aspects.



Do you have any questions about our coaching, or do you want to start right away? We’d love to hear from you!


Our coaching is based on a.o. Positive Psychology. Would you like to know what this movement is about? Check out these videos. Wondering what this could mean for you? Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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Enthusiasm training

You are excited and can not wait to share your enthusiasm. To ‘contaminate’ as many people as possible with that you are so passionate about. During enthusiasm training you learn how you can focus your energy effectively, in order that others will respond at least as excitedly as you.