To reduce stress and pain, during our workshops, training and coaching, where appropriate and necessary, we make use of the following tools. Again, we work evidence based: from research and – especially – if it works for you.


Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is a young movement within psychology, which originates from around the year 2000. It does not focus on what is wrong with people, relationships and societies, but rather on what is going well already, and how this can be further improved. The central argument here is that a positive focus leads to more motivation and therefore is much more effective for growth and development.

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voice dialogue

Co-creative Inner Dialogue

A lot of people limit themselves in their choices and opportunities. Co-creative Inner Dialogue helps you to see what you’re all able to and gives you practical tools to see your potential and to put that into practice. It is also a suitable method to improve your energy balance and your relationships. Both business and private.

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Do you want more peace of mind? A way to better focus and concentrate? Would you like to be more productive, creative and effective? Mindfulness helps you to be carefully present in the here and now. This method, that was developed by the American scientist Jon Kabat- Zinn, can help to achieve faster, better and lasting results. Both business and private, in situations where you need it the most.

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thai yoga massage

Thaise Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a combination of yoga, massage, acupressure and meditation. Treatments work both therapeutic and preventive. They restore physical, mental and emotional aspects balance. Meditation brings body and mind to rest, while yoga, acupressure and massage activate the vital processes. These components complement each other perfectly, and reinforce one another mutually. As a result after the massage you will feel both vital and energetic, as light and deeply relaxed.

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reiki, ontspanning


Reiki helps you to restore harmony in your body, mind and soul. This form of treatment, which has a nourishing and harmonizing effect on both your energy channels and centers, was developed by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Reiki can help to remove blockages caused by negative experiences. It is possible to receive a Reiki-treatment of one of our coaches. We can also teach you to give it to yourself.

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