Employees facilitate living the brand

Enthousiasme, training, coaching, personal coaching

Situation: a group of employees will assist colleagues in living through the new brand identity, and matching culture of collaboration. Under the motto ‘Doing Together, is Growing Together’, these facilitators focus on sharing and linking of information and enthusiasm specifically. By making optimal use of each other’s knowledge, experience and commitment.

Customer Needs: ‘Help this group to inspire their colleagues and to better deal with group dynamics, setbacks and resistance.’

Our solution: training and coaching the group of employees. Individually and together, in terms of group dynamics and personal effectiveness.

Our approach: with each of the participants, we have an individual intake interview. Based on the derived development needs, strengths, talents and learning styles we develop a customized package of workshops, training, coaching and peer supervision.


Industry: Financial services

Client: SNS Bank

Themes: personal leadership, high performance team building, personal effectiveness, personal branding

Our services: Personalized Training en Practical Coaching, advisoryenthusiasm training, enthusiasm coaching

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✓ Customized workshops and meetings successfully facilitated by the participants.
✓ In one year’s time, 83% of participants acquired a new function or role to suit their personal talents, strengths, values ​​and development needs.
✓ The company pride and willingness to recommend of the group of participants is significantly higher than that of their colleagues.
✓This case is described as best practice in both the revised edition of Menno Lanting’s Connect! (Management Book of the Year 2011) and the enthusiasm Trilogy of Rijn Vogelaar.

Connect, Flame, Flow, Flood