We strongly believe that we should help people to learn (for and by) themselves. Over 30 years of intensive international training, teaching and coaching experience, and that strong felt conviction, has grown into a unique and, as our clients say, powerful training, teaching and coaching approach: TRIPLE A+ TRAINING, TEACHING AND COACHING.

  • Learn to effectively teach and make your training, workshop and lessons really meaningful.
  • No more bored participants or students.
  • Your participants and students understand the value of what is discussed, and how to put it to work in their specific everyday practice.

Distinctive knowledge and skills

A Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach distinguishes him/herself by focusing on real and desired outcomes in the students’ and participant’s daily practices. The Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach does this by working along the principles of Actionable Insights, Action learning and Appreciation.

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Do you want to learn how to train, and coach people, based on their talents?

Then choose the certified training Triple A+ Talent Trainer and Coach.
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Personalized training

The focus is on the participant. Thus, before the course starts, every attendant gets an intake of up to one hour. The resulting information is used to tailor and tune the training, coaching, wokshops and peer groups to the participants’ skills, learning styles and other needs.

Effective learning guarantee

We only qualify a training as well executed if, and only if, the participants have shown that they can and will put their learnings into practice. If not, we will refund 50% of our fee.

Triple A+ = Actionable insights + Action learning + Appreciation

Levels and focus areas

Triple A+ Training, Teaching and Coaching can be practiced at different levels. It is possible to follow the course online, with the exception of the hands-on masterclasses. Depending on your needs, you can specialize in a focus area of your choice, e.g. Personal Leadership, Career Building or Self management.

Levels Triple A+ trainer

Click on the image for a description of the levels.

Extensive experience

In the passed 10 years, over 10,000 people, throughout Europe and from more than 30 countries, have benefited from our training, teaching and coaching, amongst which over 500 PhD students. EY EMEA is just one of our international Personal Leadership training clients. For them we have trained hundreds of their employees, varying from Senior Consultants to the level of Senior Partners.


Each level ends with an exam. This consists of a ready knowledge test and a reflection report. In addition, we require participants to prove to a certified by Power2Improve Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach that they are able to implement the methodology in the right way in practice. Participants who successfully complete all levels in all three  the parts, will receive the official Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach certificate, allowing them to henceforth call themselves certified Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach.

Dates and locations

Don’t hesitate to ask us for the next opportunity to start.

Triple A+ Trainer and Teacher Summer School

Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach Summer School

When enough people are interested, during Summer we will organize the Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach Summer School. Upon successful completion of this intensive Facilitator course, you can enroll in the Inspired and Inspiring Teacher Practitioner training course directly. Are you interested? Just let us know.

Triple A+, Trainer, training

More than 10,000 participants

In the passed 10 years, more than 10,000 people from across Europe and in more than 30 countries experienced the benefits of our Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach training. Just recently we trained professors of all Croatian universities in how to train their PhD students.

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What participants say about how they have experienced the Triple A+ Certification course

I learned a lot from the Triple A+ course! I really liked to learn how people learn best and how to support them in their learning process as a trainer/coach. It also provided me with a lot of useful tools for setting up workshops and insights into the theories that underly them.
Kelly Mestrom, Certified Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach
The course made me aware of my own behavior and how to use my insights in those to motivate others. That was very inspiring. I’m a big fan of the ‘appreciative’ approach, which builds on what is going well already and how things can be improved, building on that. A great tool to use in training!
Maartje Kamps, Certified Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach


Are you interested and would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!