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Are you a woman in the midst of life? And do you want to casually and freely further develop into the best version of you? Join for your Wonderful Woman Week: the development event on and around inspirational stories and workshops for women like you with women like you.

Become your best you in one week's time


Cherish, celebrate ánd cultivate yourself!

During the Wonderful Woman Week you will learn:

  • How to optimize and accelerate your development
  • How to expand, deepen and strengthen your network
  • How to really distinguish yourself on the labor market
  • How to acquire a job in which your qualities can come to full bloom
  • How to you make sure that you get the correct, appropriate compensation package

Wonderful Woman Webinar Week

To give you a virtual glimpse of ​​what a Wonderful Woman Week is like, you can attend the Wonderful Woman Webinar Week. During this week you can join in on a daily webinar that helps you (re)define and introduce yourself in an even stronger way, and to acquire the job you want.

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More information will follow asap.
In September we organize a Wonderful Woman Plus Week in and around an ancient country house near Porto, Portugal (see the slider below). We do this together with YogaforYou, the yoga and pilates school of our Portuguese friend Tânia Moutinho. During this Plus week, you will work with both your mind and your body in an extra inspiring environment. This expands and strengthens the results even more. In addition to various workshops, during the Wonderful Woman Week Plus, as a ‘plus’ you can optionally also enjoy yoga, pilates and meditation classes. Moreover, we offer opportunities to experience Thai Yoga Massage.


More information

Do you want to stay informed? Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page. Do you have any questions or wishes or ideas for the Wonderful Woman Week? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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How our customers experience our coaching, training and workshops:

I was very well supported. Therefore I have been able to run a solid, dynamic workshop. Now I am able to really enjoy to perform on stage.
Gea Weenk, District Manager UWV
I learned to be well aware of my own strength, and the interests and values ​​of others. This helps me to get people moving.
Andrew Man, Team Manager SNS Bank
In a short periode of time, I have grown tremendously. For years I thought I could not achieve much. Now I am doing things that I find difficult.
I don’t walk away from it and get all the support that I need.
Karima Rijkse, Sales Consultant SNS Bank
Distinctive knowledge and practical tips!
HR Manager
The commitment and enthusiasm of Gustaaf and Nathalie was very contagious.
Social Media Consultant
The tools deployed fully supported the learning objectives. That made the experience complete.
Manager HRM
Great workshop! Open, accessible, expertly. Sometimes sharp and confrontational, but always in a constructive way.
MVO Manager
There was plenty of room for interaction. This was even encouraged. We were also given a lot of opportunity to ask questions, which resulted in even more interaction, and fun!
The trainers’ enthusiasm is contagious, as well as their open and charismatic attitude.
IT Consultant
The trainers easily set up a dialogue and were able to lure everyone into responding and supplementing.
Communications Consultant
I went home with new fresh ideas. I am sure that all that I have learned during the workshop will contribute positively to my work at the office.
Communications Consultant

Houd mij op de hoogte!

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Then we will send you more information ASAP.

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Interview with Deirdre Breakenridge
for podcast Women Worldwide

Recently the American author, consultant and professor Deirdre Breakenridge interviewed Gustaaf and Nathalie on female leadership and the Wonderful Woman Week. You can listen to the entire interview here.