In order to provide a successful workshop or training, our trainers and facilitators need a room in which the following is present, has been prepared and laid out, well before starting time:

1. What is needed in the room

  • plenty of tables and chairs in U-shape, so that participants can sit comfortably (> 1.5 m2 per person, ⅓ of the participants should face the open ends of the U),

  • a good beamer (XGA or better, preferably with HDMI connection),

  • audio amplification sound system (over HDMI or 3.5 mm jack),

  • a microphone (for rooms bigger than 25m2 and/or bad acoustics)
  • a flip over (with black, blue, red and green, 1.5 to 3 mm, permanent only markers in and plenty paper), a whiteboard (with black, blue, red and green, 1.5 to 3 mm, dry markers and clean dry wipe wiper) or a blackboard (with white, blue, red and green crayons, clean board wiper and sponge plus water),

  • a table and chair for the trainer.

2. What is needed for the participants

  • > 20 sheets of writing paper and a pen for each participant,

  • > 10 post-its per participant,

  • 2 (or more, depending on the amount of participants) 220 Volts cable reels.

Do you have any questions regarding the requirements? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: or +31 (0)6 – 306 696 94.