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Are you a real top talent? With ambition and ability to grow yourself for a top career, already while you excel studies? Make sure you are nominated for Talents4Business! When selected, you will get free coaching, a tailored workshops and training program, and support on you way to your top job!

What is Talents4Business?

Talents4Business is thé development program for selected, talented and ambitious high potential students. During their study they get coached and trained by us on leadership, communication and brain skills. This development normally takes place during a management traineeship and/or the further working life. The quality of  the coaching and training we provide is the same as the coaching and training that  has been, and continues to be, provided to respected big 5 companies, consulting firms  and financial service companies throughout Europe.

Development of knowledge and skills

Thus, participants in the program, next to the necessary academic knowledge and skills, develop other (often: more) crucial competencies: (personal) leadership, communication, consulting skills and project management. Their study will be a lot more effective and efficient, and to future employers they become even bigger assets. In total a top student can have 16 days of free training, coaching, job counseling and mentoring via Talent4Business. The market value of this package? More than € 17,500. Click here for a sample program for a specific Talent4Business. Note that for each student, based on her/his selection, coaching and personal development, a tailored program of coaching and training is provided.

Talent Tracker & Tracer

For each participant we track, monitor and mentor the development of knowledge, skills, experience and interests of these Talents4Business. Based on training, coaching conversations, challenges and (graduation) internships. All this we capture in the Talent Tracker & Tracer. This ensures both trustworthy competency levels, the development history, and real insight into the match with your company for the long run.

Proven Talent

All Talents4Business test their individual development and skill level in practice by taking part in challenges. Being it in house workshops, project challenges, internships and graduation projects exclusively open to the pre-selected Talents4Business.

Business benefits: more effective employer branding and recruitment

Companies advertise their employer-ship, host in house days and hire recruiters to entice high potential graduates. Doing this through Talents4Business is more effective. Both in terms of cost and the quality (better and more long term) of recruit(ment)s.  They pay for their membership and for each placement. Talents4Business saves them a lot of time and assures them of high quality candidates. It prevents the qualitative mismatch, which 31 percent of all employers according to research encounter: there are enough candidats, but they do not meet the requirements of employers.

The benefits for top talent:

  • Accelerated and optimized development
  • Improved, deepened and reinforced network with other proven high potentials
  • Reduced gap between academic education and industry required ability to execute
  • Real – and proven – distinction in the labor market
  • Exclusive access to special challenges, internships and graduation projects
  • Internships and jobs that feed into both the skills and development of the Talent4Business
  • Serious business partners who are serious about your and their future

How you can join the program

This program is designed for talented and ambitious students with potential for development and perseverance. The selection process is rigorous and there is a limited number of places available. After all, companies that invest in your development through this program are entitled to value for their money! Do you think you have what it takes to earn a spot? Then make sure you are nominated!

An important characteristic for a Talent4Business is that that person also has an eye for real talent him- or herself. Each Talent4Business nominee therefore nominates at least three others. Who and how to nominate, says a lot about you. We invite you to nominate students that in your opinion meet the requirements, by using the nomination button on the left hand side of this page.

On your way to your best you

Anyone who has been nominated and who completes the first selection, will receive an answer within two weeks. You are invited for a selection interview, a selection day, or you receive a rejection. In each case you will receive valuable insight into your talent and potential for growth.

Ambitious professional?

Talents4Business is intended for Bachelor and Master level students. Are you a talented, ambitious professional? And do you want to prepare yourself for a top career? Sign up for our Excelerate your Talent Program!

Will you be nominated?

Would you like to join Talents4Business? When you are nominated, you can. Any (former) nominee of Talents4Business or one of the Talents4Business Talent Scouts can nominate you. You can also nominate talents yourself or ask others to nominate you, through the nomination button below.

Nominate your Talents4Business!

Let us know who in your opinion is
a real Talent4Business.


Example email

Click here for an example email that you can send your friends and relatives to ask them to nominate you. Feel free to copy the text and the image and paste it into a new email. Personalize the text and send it!

Why Power2Improve makes
this possible

We help talents to develop themselves. For more than 20 years. During that time we have helped more than 10,000 managers, experts and talents to further accelerate their careers, throughout Europe and the US. Often, very well paid for reputable companies and almost always with great success. We would like to help even more real, not (yet) discovered talents. Even if the necessary investment is a problem. That is why we have developed the Talents4Business program.

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