Talents4Business, stage, stagiair, training coaching, bemiddeling

Talents4Business, stage, stagiair, training coaching, bemiddeling

Dear friend or family member,

May I ask a few minutes of your time ? I hope you are willing to help me.

Talents4Business is thé development program for selected, talented and ambitious high potential students. During their study they get coached and trained on leadership, communication and brain skills. This development normally takes place during a management traineeship and/or the further working life. In this way participants really stand out in the job market. In total via Talent4Business a top student can have no less than 16 days of free training, coaching, job counseling and guidance. The market value of this package: more than €17,500. I send you this email because I want to participate in this program. And that is only possible if I am nominated.

Will you nominate me as Talent4Business?

How you can nominate me

The Talents4Business program is only open to talented and ambitious students with development potential and perseverance. The selection process is rigorous and there is a limited number of places available. After all, companies that invest in students’ development through this program are entitled to value for their money! Do you think that I have what it takes to earn a spot? Then please nominate me! You can do that through the form on the right side of this page. Do you know more people who want to support my nomination? Please bring this message to their attention.

My benefits if I can take part

  • I will accelerate and optimize my development
  • I will extend, deepen and reinforce my network with other high potentials in business
  • I will get exclusive access to special challenges, internships and graduation projects
  • I will reduce the gap between university and industry
  • I will really – and demonstrably – distinguish myself in the labor market
  • I will start in a job where my qualities can come to full bloom right away

Will you nomineer me as a Talent4Business? Fantastic!
A massive thank you in advance!

Who do you nominate?

Let us know who you think
is a real Talent4Business.

Ask your friends and family members to nominate you!

Would you line to join Talents4Business Talents4Business? You can, if you are nominated. By a previously selected participant of the program or one of the Talents4Business Talent Scouts. You can also ask others to nominate you. In this case, share the information on this page.


Ask your friends and family members to nominate you!