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We help talents to become the best version of themselves. And have been doing so for more than 20 years. So far we have helped more than 10,000 managers, experts and talents throughout Europe and the US to accelerate. Often very well paid, for reputable companies and time after time with great success. Yet we would like to help even more not (yet) discovered, real talents out there. Even if the required investment seems an obstacle. That’s why we created the Excelerate your Talent Program.

What is the Excelerate your Talent Program?

The Excelerate your Talent Program is a development program for ambitious professionals. Talents who want to propel themselves towards a top career. Doing so by working on their skills in leadership, communication and brain skills.

Development of knowledge and skills

Besides acquiring the necessary knowledge, Excelerate your Talent Program participants develop crucial competenties. Like: self-development, (personal) leadership, communication, consulting skills and working on projects. Their work is much more effective and efficient, therefore for (future) employers they become even more interesting. Each talent receives a taylored program that consists of  training, coaching, self-study and career counseling through the Excelerate your Talent Program, based on the selection procedure and an intake.

Very attractive rates

Participants of the Excelerate your Talent Program we offer both training and workshops as well as personal coaching, business coaching, loopbaancoaching of executive coaching.

  • For the coaching they do not pay the normal price, starting from € 180 per hour, but only € 60 per hour.
  • Participants can follow trainings and workshops for just € 120 per session*, in stead of the usual fare: from € 1,200.

Completely free

It is even possible to receive all workshops, trainings and coaching completely free. Through job placement. If we find a job for you, you will get all expenses paid return.

All workshops, trainings and coaching completely free?

If we find a job for you, you will get all expenses paid return!

Your talent Tracker & Tracer

We track both the competency levels and the development of the EyTP talents on the basis of competency assessment, and document this in a personal file: the Talent Tracker & Tracer. This enables them to keep track of their growth and demonstrate (e.g. to potential employers) that they actually possess the skills learned.

Qualitative match

Companies recruit high potentials from this program for jobs. They pay for their membership and for each placement. The Excelerate your Talent Program saves them a lot of time, assuring them of high quality candidates. It prevents the qualitative mismatch, which 31 percent of all employers deal with, according to research: there are enough candidates, but they do not meet the requirements of employers.

The benefits for talents:

  • Accelerate and optimize your development
  • Increase, deepen and reinforce your network with other high potentials in business
  • Really – and demonstrably – stand out in the labor market
  • Find a job in which your qualities can come to full bloom

How you can participate

This program is only suitable for ambitious talents with development and perseverance. The selection process is rigorous and there is a limited number of places available. Do you think that you have what it takes to be admitted? Then fill in the application form. Within two weeks you will receive an answer. Either you are invited for the selection day, or you will receive a rejection. But not just any one. One with tips to help you to continue on your way to your personal top.

*Talents who are participating in the program can follow trainings and workshops for € 180 per session, in stead of the usual starting price of € 1,200. For groups of six participants who provide a suitable location, this rate is even lower. They pay just € 120 per session.

Are you an ambitious student?

The Excelerate your Talent Program is designed for professionals. Are you a talented, ambitious student? And do you want to prepare for a top career during your studies? Make sure you are nominated for Talents4Business!

Boost your talent!

Let us know you want to be there.

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