“Don’t you… bring reality into my classroom!” Decreted my professor of marketing at Kellogg school of management. He was quite aware that reality does not exist in any other than subjective form. (Click for a do it yourself experiment.)

He told the story how one day he was grocery shopping and noticed how people buy eggs.

How do you buy eggs? Do you open up the box? Do you touch? Do you lift and check for damage? Do you shake? Or are you one that collects eggs until the box fully satisfies you? Weird? In a lengthy supermarket obervation study about 1.7% of the shoppers did this.

Long study and story short: a new product was born. Before opening hours eggs were carefully removed from their box and put into a large basket. At 20% higher price customers could now put together their own box of eggs. Sold like crazy. Reality had been changed.

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