… non existent. As I already wrote: objectivity does not exist (See my blog on that). So reality only exists in a subjective form.

Moreover reality is boring. Pay attention to how you respond to facts and figures. Our brain has a hard time even attepting to remember them. Yes, we consider ourselves to be (very) rational, but no, we are not: we don’t buy, date or marry based on simple cold facts.

That computer you bought likely so has technical specs you don’t know, let alone understand. It works for you in the ways you like, you liked the salesperson or your choice has otherwise been distracted from the pure cold facts that would have made you chosen a simpler and/or less expensive computer.

Falling in love very much a deceptive process too. Especially women will recognize how we fall in love with the fiction of our imagination of a real person. Just think of that list of qualities we want in a potential partner… and how that list mysteriously vanishes when we fall in love. (Men do this to, but we are too rationally cool too admit ;-))

One  could conclude that reality is broken! And that we use our brain to make it work for us. Hence “Reality is broken” became the title of a great book that shows how games make us better and how they can change the world. Have fun twisting reality into the shape you like!


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