New Hire Welcome Guide FAQ

Welcome to the team! Here is some information to help you to get started and find your way around.

A few things you need to know about your work:

We have a casual atmosphere in the office. It’s business casual most days, and many of us wear jeans on Fridays. Remember, we’re more focused on the work than your clothes!
We support each other, so you can get questions answered by anyone. The most common questions can go to the Welcoming Committee/Process Facilitation Team.
With the key that can be collected at the TiSEM secretary office, you can get into the TiSEM building from 9 AM to 6 PM. From home you can work whenever you want. Find a schedule that is comfortable with you and communicate that with your Program Director. Of course we expect you to join meetings – preferably face-to-face, but eventually virtually, through Skype – as scheduled.
At times we will have flurries of activity that require some overtime, but it’s not a regular/weekly occurrence. Besides, from time to time workshops, training and coaching sessions may be scheduled during evenings and weekends. If this is the case, and your presence is required, we will let you know well ahead.
Travel isn’t something we do often, but it’s not unheard of. If you are required to travel, speak with the dedicated Program Director about who is responsible for making your travel arrangements. Please note that we advise you to go and visit the TiSEM campus and to meet your colleagues face-to-face on a regular basis.
One thing we appreciate at Power2Improve is the person you are outside of work. We work hard to be flexible when work and life events conflict. During those times stay in close communication with the dedicated Program Director if possible. It’s more about fitting your work into your life than the other way around.
Yes, you may request business cards at anytime. Request your Power2Improve business cards here.
Just FYI, every company has their jargon, and we’re guilty as charged! Decipher acronyms and lingo with this handy cheat sheet, ASAP. Can’t find the meaning of the word or abbreviation that you are looking for? Just let us know what you are missing, so we can add the information you are looking for.
1. Fill in the Planned and realized availability sheet. 2. Fill in the expenses claim form. More information will follow (ask Kelly and Elke).
Every (Assistant) trainer who executes training (parts) in the Power2Improve TiSEM Skills in the Bachelor’s Programs Program, needs to be a Power2Improve Certified Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach before the first training activity of the TiSEM Program starts. Certification will take place before September 2016. The online modules will be available from April 15. Workshops will be held in July and/or August. Since we will have a large group of participants, and you might have holiday plans in the months of July and August, we need to know when you are available in those months for trainings soon. Please let us know before [date], so that we can plan your Trainee Days. Mail your preference by [date] to the Welcoming Committee/Process Facilitation Team. Read more about the certification process.
We will inform you about this after you have been certified. Read more about the certification process.

A few things you need to know about your department/team:

First and foremost, you’ll be working closely with your Program Director. S/he will be able to answer most of your questions or point you in the right direction if s/he cannot. The rest of the (growing) Power2Improve TiSEM Skills Team will be the Program Facilitation and Production Team and the Course Development and Trainers Team.

If it’s an idea, we have a Big Ideas channel on Slack that you can use as an outlet for sharing new, innovative ideas. If you have concerns, the Welcoming Committee or your Program Director will be the next likely step.
Depending on the topic, we use all of these methods. We use Facebook Messenger chats for quick back-and-forth conversations. Because we work from several locations across The Netherlands (the Power2Improve home office, the Tilburg University office and from home) and collaborate with people who work and live outside of Europe as well, we use Slack and our monthly team newsletter to do much of our official communication. Phones are perfectly acceptable when you need a quick answer and email isn’t fast enough. Face-to-face conversations and Skype calls are key to solving many of the issues we run into on a daily basis. We also use Skype for our weekly team meetings. Haven’t you been invited to your team’s weekly meeting yet?Just let us know, so we can send you an invite.

A few things you need to know about Power2Improve

The strategic goals of the organization are developed and shared on an annual basis by the Leadership Team (CEO and CCEO, a.k.a.Program Directors).
Read all about it on our about page.

Will you be a(n) (Assistant) trainer in the TiSEM Team? During the Triple A+ Certification Course you will learn about our training, teaching and coaching methodology in detail.

Curious for more? Just let us know what you are missing, so we can add the information you are looking for.

As previously stated, doing your work well is the best way to go. It sounds simplistic, but many organizations don’t have the transparency and flatness of Power2Improve. You interact on a daily basis with everyone, from the CEO and CCEO (a.k.a. Program Directors), to the members of the Program Facilitation and Production Team, and the trainers and coaches. They can tell when you are doing your work well, and good news like that travels quickly.

Questions or additional ideas?

Is something on this page not entirely clear? Is your question not listed? Just let us know. We are happy to help!

Warmest regards,
Kelly Mestrom and Elke van Hal
Power2Improve Welcoming Committee

Kelly and Elke