…something we made up. It’s the start of this video on greatness, a video you’ve got to love. A video by… Nike.

Once upon a time I used to buy Nike gear because I loved the swoosh and the “Just do it” pay off. I worked out 3 hours a day on 6 different kinds of Nike sporting shoes and wearing Nike T’s. It seems that both Nike and I have grown.

Nowadays I only “just do it” if it has meaning. What has meaning for me is helping people find, accept and grow their inner greatness. I myself by now have cast off false modesty and work on ambitious businessplans and other bold ideas. Ideas like the Minor “How to Really Change the World” on which I blogged earlier.

I am not sure whether I will buy more Nike stuff again. (Even though I never stopped loving the Swoosh.) But I am quite sure I will use this video in many a workshop, training and coaching session: