Our culture, who we are

No team will achieve greatness when individuals work independently

Our culture gives you your Power2Improve

Together we form and further our positive, inclusive culture, that facilitates each team member to be happy and (grow into) his or her best possible self.

  • We are honest, loving and courageous people.
  • Honest means transparent and direct.
  • Loving means that we treat one and other like we would a beloved family member, with a forgiving heart and caring attitude and the strictness that may not be nice in the short run, yet better for the long run.
  • Courageous means that we are willing to be vulnerable, authentically weird and sensibly daring.
  • Our highest goal is to help people become more happy by becoming the best version of themselves by helping them improve themselves, their organizations and/or the world. Clients and co-workers alike.
  • We are goal oriented and very aware that means are just that: means.
  • We don’t believe in balance. It’s up to you to determine which comes first when without dropping the work we committed to. That means that you do what you need to do at the time that’s most convenient. If that means taking your kid to the dentist at noon – or making a call to Singapore at midnight – so be it. You want to visit a store or hair dresser half way your afternoon: do so. A party on Thursday? Free your Friday morning, or that whole Friday. Just make sure you get it your work done in good cooperation and communication.
  • We all (feel free to) speak our minds, and do so in concrete and co-creative ways, knowing contributions are valued always also (and especially) when everyone else appears to be in agreement on an issue.
  • When we see someone doing something good, we compliment. If we see someone struggling or failing, we offer our help.
  • We ask for help if and when we need it, in a positive, co-creative way.
  • We co-create and evaluate our emotionally intelligent norms – the attitudes and behaviors that eventually become habits – that support behaviors for building trust, group identity, and group efficacy.
  • We share our hunches, drafts and half work, knowing that together we achieve more.
  • We fail forward fast. We are okay with making mistakes, learn from them, correct them and do all this quickly. We even deliberately do something ‘wrong’ if we have no clue how to do it right, since we will improve on our first ‘wrong’ try until we have something that works.
  • We Like & Learn everything we do, i.e. we reflect on what we did, celebrate what worked and gradually find more and better ways to continuously improve.