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Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is a leadership training at an advanced level. The training is intended for managers, project managers and senior staff members who master the basic level of leadership and wish to continue to develop in this area.
Learning to deal with people you find difficult and unbearable. What drives them and how you can effectively communicate and work with them? What do other people actually find irritating about your behavior? And how can you prevent that from happening? Questions like these are answered during the training Dealing with People You Can’t Stand.
The leadership training Dealing with People You Can’t Stand takes 3 sessions. Combined with coaching and intervision you will achieve optimal learning results.

Power2Improve provides custom training and coaching solutions. Therefore, longer or shorter programs (workshops), which are fully adapted to the actual situation, are possible as well.

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is also available as (part of) Personalized Training en Practical Coaching.

Power2Improve provides custom training and coaching solutions. Ask us for a proposal, tailored to your wants and needs.

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This is how our customers experience our coaching, training and workshops:

I was very well supported. Therefore I have been able to run a solid, dynamic workshop. Now I am able to really enjoy to perform on stage.
gea weenkGea Weenk, District Manager UWV
I learned to be well aware of my own strength, and the interests and values of others. This helps me to get people moving.
Andrew ManAndrew Man, Team Manager SNS Bank
In a short periode of time, I have grown tremendously. For years I thought I could not achieve much. Now I am doing things that I find difficult.
I don’t walk away from it and get all the support that I need.
Karima Rijkse, Mortgage Advisor ABN AMRO Bank
Distinctive knowledge and practical tips!
HR Manager
The commitment and enthusiasm Gustaaf and Nathalie exhibited, was very contagious.
Social media consultant
The tools deployed fully supported the learning objectives. That made the experience complete.
Manager HRM
Great workshop! Open, accessible, expertly. Sometimes sharp and confrontational, but always in a constructive way.
MVO Manager
There was plenty of room for interaction. This was even encouraged.
Executive secretary
The trainers’ enthusiasm was contagious, as well as their open and charismatic attitude.
IT Consultant
The trainers easily set up a dialogue and were able to lure everyone to respond and supplement.
Communications Consultant
I went home with new, fresh ideas. I am sure that all that I have learned during the workshop will positively contribute to my work at the office.
Communications Consultant