Every Thursday we will publish a podcast about leadership. With our podcast we want to help more people to be(come) a better leader. Every episode takes 20 minutes. According to research, the average commute to and from work. All episodes and corresponding show notes with helpful tips you will find on this page. Here you can also read about what podcasts are and how you can listen to them.

What you can expect from our podcasts

  • Leadership news: an overview of the most important developments in the areas of leadership of the past week
  • Leadership in practise: interviews with leaders with an interesting and instructive story
  • Leadership dilemma’s: questions from our listeners in the areas of leadership (and how to handle them)
  • Leadership-review: a review of notable leadership book

Podcast, leiderschap, leaderschapWhat are podcasts?

A podcast is a series of digital audio files that appear on a regular basis. Episodes are available on demand through web feeds. As a subscriber, you can decide when you listen to the episode of the podcast yourself. This can be done anytime, anywhere, via any device with an internet connection. A computer, a tablet, an iPod or a smartphone, for example.

podcast, leiderschap, leadershipHow you can listen

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Tip, gast, guest, leadership, leiderschap, leiderLeadership tip? Be a guest on our show!

Do you have a topic that should be highlighted on our show? Do you have interesting leadership news? Are you or do you know a leader with an intriguing and instructive story? Do you have a leadership dilemma and could you use some help? Or did you read a special leadership book recently? Let us know! You might be a guest or announcing your tip on our show some time soon!

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