Core team

<h3>Gustaaf Vocking

Gustaaf VockingFounder, Chief Executive Officer

We can not do great things in this life, we can only do little things with great love – Moeder Teresa

Gustaaf began as Colombian foundling. Love, education (Econometrics, Information Management, Psychology and an executive MBA) and inspiring people and events made him a smart and sensitive person. Now he helps people and organizations grow by coaching, training and consultancy. His greatest expertise: leadership, communication and brain skills. In addition, he developed into an expert in the field of nutrition and vitality. He works, connects and passionately co-creates with ambitious managers, experts and professionals around the world. He is also a much sought after and highly rated speaker, a talented writer and a passionate photographer.

<h3>Nathalie Soeteman

Nathalie SoetemanChief Communications & Engagement Officer

From push to dialogue, with sustainable results

Nathalie passionately establishes connections. Between organizations and goals, management and employees, businesses and customers, reason and emotion. Because, as she deeply beliefs, together everything is better, dialogue creates lasting results and ‘and’ is more than ‘or’. She is happy to help you – and your team – to make real contact. With yourself and with others, as human beings. To come to full bloom, synergize and achieve shared goals together.

At Vodafone she helped set the standard for PR Online and Social CRM, that served many other companies as the bar to jump. Her work for SNS Bank N.V., concerning internal social media and employee and customer advocacy has been highlighted in several media. I.e. two bestselling management books, the Dutch journal for marketing and a popular Dutch national radio show interviewed her and featured her work as a best practice. Nathalie is an internationally experienced inspiring speaker and a sought after executive coach.

Nathalie has over 15 years experience in human-driven management, marketing, communication and organizational issues; online and offline. She studied a.o. Positive Psychology, Change Management, Marketing, Communications and Law. Nathalie is a certified Intuitive Coach and a recognized Superpromoter Consultant. She also attended several master classes and trainings in the field of (personal) leadership, stress management, self-compassion and mindfulness. Moreover she has designed and executed coaching and training in all these areas.

For Power2Improve she, next to being the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), provides consulting, coaching, training, workshops and lectures in the field of marketing, communications, PR, social media, personal branding, innovation, teaming and leadership.


To ensure quality Power2Improve works with selected partners: experienced independent consultants, project managers, coaches and trainers.