Broadening and deepening in Part 2

In Part 2 of How to Really Change the World you will broaden and deepen the Innovation and Change skills that you have mastered in Part 1, by means of Change Management Theory. Part 2 also leaves the door open to the Minor Change Leadership & Management for Innovation totaling 15 ECTS. If you have completed both Part 1 (6 ECTS ) and Part 2 ( 6 ECTS) only a change project of 3 ECTS separates you from finalizing the minor. In order to take part in HTRCTW 2, successful completion of the HTRCTW1 is required.

These are the topics that will be discussed during Part 2:

  • 9. Co-creative communication: 1 on 1
  • 10. Co-creative communication: group work
  • 11. Co-creative communication: resistance
  • 12. Strategic skills: Leading change
  • 13. Strategic skills: Power works
  • 14. Strategic skills: Strategic behavior
  • 15. Strategic skills: Change programs
  • 16. Strategic skills: Change programs


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