The labor market of the 21st century is dynamic and unpredictable. Being promising and successful, requires ingenuity, adaptability and pro-activity. What is common today may be obsolete tomorrow. Developing the right skills set and presenting yourself optimally to your future employer therefore is essential for the 21st century student. How to do this? That is what you learn during the Tilburg Talents4Business Summer School.

Dates and location

The Tilburg Talents4Business Summer School consists of four masterclasses of 2.5 hours each, which are taught in one week’s time in the summer of 2016. All Masterclasses take place at Tilburg University. Exact dates, times and locations will be announced as soon as possible. Let us already know that you want to be there now and stay tuned!

Distinctive profile

If you complete Tilburg Talents4Business Summer School successfully, you will receive (partial) certificates and badges for your LinkedIn profile. That helps you to distinct yourself in the job market and shows your future employer what quality you’ve got.


Participants of the Tilburg Talents4Business Summer School are offered four of these Masterclasses (the final program will be determined by a poll of the notifying parties):

Determine which Masterclasses will be part of the program!

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  • Learn how to present yourself to your future employer online and offline in the best possible way.
  • Determine which Masterclasses will be part of the program.

1. Netwerking & Personal Branding

Personal Branding is not about playing a role. Personal Branding is finding your strengths, the combination of qualities that makes you unique, and to consistently propagate it. In this Masterclass you will discover that strength and your way to propagate it in a good and authentic way.

2. Perfect CV & LinkedIn Profile

So you want that dream job? What recruiters certainly do before they decide whether to invite you for an interview or not, is look at your LinkedIn profile. Does your profile convince them that you are the right candidate for that dream job? And does your resume strengthen them in that belief, or does it make them less enthusiastic? After this Masterclass you will present yourself in the best possible way!

3. Successful Job Applications I

How to write a cover letter that lands you the job interview? How important is a letter actually, compared to your LinkedIn profile and your resume? And how do you convince any employer of your qualities within 1 minute?

4.Successful Job Applications II

How can you use a job interview to your advantage? What things does your prospective employer like to hear, and what particularly not? A good preparation for your job interview is half the battle! During this Masterclass you will also learn what to expect during an assessment and what behavior increases your chances of getting a positive opinion based thereon for the job you want.

5. Successful Salary Negotiations

When in the application process, do you bring the topic of the salary to the table? And how do you make sure that the amount you have in mind will be placed in your employment contract? During this Masterclass you will not only get valuable tips, you will also learn how you can bring these into practice successfully.

6. Find your Top Life

How to get from top talent to top man or top woman? What does a top-life mean for you? If you can, want and dare, during this workshop, you will learn all you really need to get your top.

7. Create your Dream job

Realize, step by step, the job of your dreams. Focus on what really suits you. Discover your talents and that what allows you to experience your strengths. Create an action plan with immediately applicable tips that will help realize your dream job.

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Career Coaching of internationally experienced top coaches

The Tilburg Talents4Business Summer School is an ideal first step for top students to grab their top job. Is it still rather difficult to describe your top job and your motivation after following the Summer School? Or do you want more specific tips to create those? Make sure you are nominated for the entire Tilburg Talents4Business program. If you make it through the selection, you will receive throughout your further study annually:

  • free career coaching from our experienced international top coaches
  • customized workshops tailored to your development and ambition