8 11, 2016

The Benefits of Happiness that Sticks

By |2016-11-08T19:27:07+02:00November 8, 2016|Happiness, People|

My 5-year-old niece asked: ‘Hey, what are those stickers on your laptop?’ She had discovered the, 2 cents a piece, childish stickers on the cover of my very professional Macbook Pro. ‘Oh, my colleagues gave me those because I did some things well!’ She immediately got it: ‘Oh wow, then you did [...]

22 09, 2016

Make your colleagues happy on Character Day!

By |2016-11-01T11:33:51+02:00September 22, 2016|Happiness, People|

Today is Character Day. On this day, more than 85,000 groups of people from 121 countries pay attention to the value of Strength Creators, the qualities, which make you strong and up to four times as successful. We are amongst them. During this third Character Day, people from all over the world, on all continents, [...]

11 10, 2015

Power2Improve goes even more international

By |2016-11-01T11:33:55+02:00October 11, 2015|Happiness, Health, Leadership, People|

After over ten years of workshops, coaching and training across national borders, now we also have officially established our first office abroad. From his hometown Salzburg our new trainer, coach and colleague Martin Hofmann will help individuals and companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to improve themselves, in a sustainable way. Martin has extensive training [...]

19 09, 2015

Free live webinar on leadership and being friends with your team

By |2016-11-01T11:35:06+02:00September 19, 2015|Happiness, Leadership, People|

Can you, as a leader, be friends with the people in your team? This question was asked us recently. We found there is a whole lot to say about this topic. So much, that we decided to host a webinar about it on Blab.im. Meanwhile the 'Blabinar' has been scheduled. On October 5th, starting at [...]

13 08, 2015

Why friends at the office sevenfold your career opportunities

By |2017-06-15T09:52:03+02:00August 13, 2015|Happiness, Health, Leadership|

Having a best friend in the office, helps to be engaged, committed and involved. And to provide top performance. A nice chat, laugh, relaxing moment or talk in the coffee corner is not only pleasant. It is also very important. It increases your career opportunities 7x times. Having a nice chat, laugh, relaxing moment [...]

25 07, 2015

The 4 things that make people happy at work

By |2016-11-01T11:35:08+02:00July 25, 2015|Happiness, Health|

What makes people happy at work? Four things, at its core. Employees of the University of Kent have mapped out what they are. We are happy to share the outcome with you. And with all the pleasure we will help you to see how these insights will help you to get the job of your dreams. [...]

22 07, 2015

Men and women choose honesty

By |2016-11-01T11:35:09+02:00July 22, 2015|Happiness, People|

Which character strengths make most men strong? And what about women? Both sexes score highest on 'honesty'. Although 'gratitude' for both men and women comes in fourth place, oftentimes women score higher on this quality than men. In the infographic below, you will find these and more interesting facts about strong-makers. Do you want to know which [...]


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Besides directly applicable theory that will give you results, optimal development requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, we work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive Psychology. Where it helps and is needed, complemented with Oriental theories and practices. We work evidence based: from research and – especially – if it works for you.

Why us?

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1. Customization
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8. International experience
9. Taking learning style into account
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