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Positive leadership is a leadership training on a high advanced level. The training is intended for managers, senior managers, senior program managers and senior project managers who master the advanced level of leadership and wish to continue to develop in this area.
Do you want to get the best out of yourself and your employees, with optimal business outcomes as a result? Positive leadership will be just the thing for you!

You will learn all about the value of a strong organizational culture and how that actually supports you.

Positive leadership is based on positive psychology. Positive leaders focus mainly on people, instead of only the job or task. A positive leader understands and treats people as the unique person(s) they are, and focusses on their talents. This results in trust, commitment and enthusiasm, which will cause employees to show what they are capable of. As a result:

✓ Higher customer satisfaction
✓ Higher employee satisfaction
✓ Higher productivity
A larger amount of sales
Less staff turnover
Prevention of burn-out

Combined with coaching and intervision you will achieve optimal learning results.

The leadership training Positive Leadership takes 2 up to 6 dayparts. Combined with coaching and intervision you will achieve optimal learning results.  

Positive Leadership is also available as (part of) Personalized Training en Practical Coaching.


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This is how costumers experience our coaching, training and workshops:

Distinctive knowledge and practical tips!
The commitment and enthusiasm of Gustaaf and Nathalie worked very contagious.
The given tools supported the learning goals completely. That completed the experience.
Great workshop! Open, accessible, expertly. Sometimes sharp and confrontational, but always in a constructive way. 
There was plenty of room for interaction. This was even encouraged. Also, we got plenty of time in between to  ask questions, which again led to great interaction.
The enthusiasm of the trainers is contagious, as well as their open and charismatic attitude.
The trainers come up with a dialogue quite easy and know how to get people to comment and ask questions, by getting them out of their comfortzone.
I went home with fresh, new ideas and am sure that these will contribute positively.