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Congratulations ! You have been nominated for Talents4Business. Someone who has a keen eye for it, sees in you – now already – the unique combination of talent, ambition, perseverance, IQ and EQ from the top in business tomorrow.

What is Talents4Business?

Talents4Business is thé development program for selected, talented and ambitious students. During their studies we coach and train these high potentials in the areas of leadership, communication and brain skills. For free! This development normally takes place during a management traineeship and/or the further working life.

Development of knowledge and skills

Besides the necessary knowledge you will develop other important competenties. Things like self development, communication, consulting and working on projects. Your study will be a lot more effective and efficient and to future employers you become even more interesting. In total a top student can have 16 days of free training, coaching, counceling and mentoring via Talent4Business. The market value of this package: more than € 17,500. Click here for a sample program for a specific Talent4Business. Custom compiled from the selection, coaching and personal development of the student.

Talent Tracker & Tracer

We track, monitor and mentor the development of knowledge, skills, experience and interests of these Talents4Business. Based on training, coaching conversations, challenges and (graduation) internships. All this we capture in the Talent Tracker & Tracer. In this way you acquire and develop – arguably, even before you graduate  – skills that you normally only gain during a management traineeship, as a consultant or while practicing other coveted jobs.

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Your benefits

  • Accelerate and optimize your development
  • Increase, deepen and reinforce your network with other high potentials in business
  • Reduce the gap between university and industry
  • Really – and demonstrably – stand out in the labor market
  • Exclusive access to special challenges, internships and graduation projects
  • Start in a job where your skills can come to full bloom right away

How you can participate

Only students who have been nominated, can apply for a place in the program. This first round you have passed. Now you can run for office yourself to be truly Talent4Business.

Here are the steps to take (click on image to enlarge):


1. Nominate three other really talented students (via the form on the right side of this page)

2. Fill out this questionnaire

3. Ask three others to fill out a short questionnaire about you

4. Motivate your participation in a conversation with us

With steps 1, 2 and 3 you can start immediately. Bedenk bij Stap 1: wie en hoe jij een ander nomineert, zegt niet alleen veel over die ander, maar ook veel over jou. Dat is de belangrijkste reden waarom we je vragen minimaal drie andere studenten die volgens jou inschatting echte Talents4Business zijn. (Voor-)laatstejaars die de unieke combinatie bezitten van het talent, de ambitie, het doorzettingsvermogen, het IQ én het EQ van de topper in business van morgen. Minimaal drie, meer mag dus, graag zelfs. *** PAY ATTENTION, PLEASE! From each nomination you will receive an important email.
Please check both your inbox and your spam folder!***

Aan het eind van stap 2 zie je hoe stap 3 uit te voeren. If you have successfully completed the first three steps, we will tell you how step 4 expires. Based on all this, we select the best real talents. We hope that you are one of them and that we can help you to develop even more. If you do not belong to the lucky ones, you will receive tips that will help you further your career. On the way to your personal top!

Why Power2Improve makes this possible

We help talents to develop themselves. For more than 20 years. During that time we have helped more than 10,000 managers, experts and talents to further accelerate their carreers, throughout Europe and the US. Often, very well paid for reputable companies and almost always with great success. We would like to help even more, real, not (yet) discovered talents. Even if the necessary investment is a problem. That is why we have developed the Talents4Business program.[/fusion_text]

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Who do you nominate?

Now it is your turn: who do you nominate
as a real Talent4Business?

Let us know who you think
is a real Talent4Business.