Triple A+ Training, Teaching and Coaching

Discover the power of our uniquely effective approach

We strongly believe that we should help people to learn (for and by) themselves. Over 30 years of intensive international training, teaching and coaching experience, and that strong felt conviction, has grown into a unique and, as our clients say, powerful training, teaching and coaching approach: TRIPLE A+ TRAINING, TEACHING AND COACHING.

Real and desired outcomes in your daily practice

Our certified Triple A+ Trainers, Teachers and Coaches distinguishes themselves by focusing on real and desired outcomes in the students’ and participant’s daily practices. We do this by working along the principles of Actionable Insights, Action learning and Appreciation.

Personalized training

We focus on you, the participant or coachee. Thus, before the course starts, every attendant gets an intake of up to one hour. The resulting information is used to put together the most effective, efficient and economical combination of training, coaching, workshops and peer learning to match the participants’ skills, learning styles and other needs.

Effective learning guarantee

We only qualify a training as well executed if, and only if, the participants have shown that they can and will put their learnings into practice. If not, we will refund 50% of our fee.

Triple A+ = Actionable insights * Action learning * Appreciation

Triple A+ Trainer and Teacher Summer School

Become a certified Triple A+ Trainer, Teacher and Coach yourself

  • Learn to effectively teach and make your training, workshop and lessons really meaningful.
  • No more bored participants or students.
  • Your participants and students understand the value of what is discussed, and how to put it to work in their specific everyday practice.


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