Business coaching

Do you want to advance in your business and your personal development? To make your business (idea) succeed, in a way that really suits you? During our business coaching we help you to answer your questions about your (business) development.

Step by step to your top-business

Step by step we help you to outline, find and create your ideal business (life). While doing so, we focus on your unique talents. That what really suits you, what you are excited about and gives you energy. We help you to organize your current and future activities in such a way that you can come to full bloom and development. And to deal with business partners, investors, employees and all the other people around you in the most pleasant way. Our business coaches can also take on the role of sparring partner or mentor.

The right coaching for you

Business coaching is suitable for everyone who wants to gain more insight in what makes him or her truly successful in business. This could be either professional or personal issues, or both. Would you like to focus on career issues, specifically? Then choose our career coaching. Personal coaching works from a comprehensive and integrated approach of your business and private life. Would you like to receive help with your development as a top entrepreneur, top manager or director or do you wish for an independent sounding board or a sparring partner? Then choose executive coaching. You can also choose Personalized Training en Practical Coaching: an individual learning trajectory in groups.

Do you want to learn how the power of enthusiasm can help you to accelerate and strengthen both personal and organizational change? How you (along with others) can shift from ‘should ‘ to ‘willing and able’, in a fun and effective way? Then choose our specially for this purpose developed enthusiasm coaching.

We work based on the principles of life coaching, vitality, appreciative coaching and Positive Psychology. If helpful and wanted, other Eastern and Western theories and practices are added. We focus on your personal goals, needs, values and talents. With the aim to optimally strengthen them. Allowing room for both business and personal topics. In consultation with you we look from all relevant angles to help you: mental, psychological, social and emotional aspect.

skype, coaching

Skype coaching

Do you stay or live outside of the Netherlands? No problem. We’d be happy to coach you via Skype. If you want, we record the conversation on video. This allows you to watch, listen and reflect again, when en where it suits you.



Do you have any questions about our coaching or do you want to start right away? We'd love to hear from you!


Our coaching is based on a.o. Positive Psychology. Would you like to know what this movement is about? Check out these videos. Wondering what this could mean for you? Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

Book a Strength Creator Scan

Book a Strength Creator Scan and get insight into which qualities make you strong and bring you to fruition. Or grant your team a Strength Creator Analysis Session as a gift and discover how you can be 4x as successful, while you work less hard.

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