Our coaching is based on Positive Psychology, a movement within psychology, which arose around 2000. Unlike traditional psychology it doesn’t focus so much on what is wrong with people, relationships and societies. It’s focal point is on what is going well already, and how it can become even better by building on talents and success. The starting point is that when attention is paid to people’s strengths, this will lead to more motivation and thus is very effective for growth and development.

From fixing what's wrong to building what's strong.

Did you know that putting the emphasis on your weaknesses will decline your performance by an average of 27%? Whereas the results will become about 36% better, when you focus on your strengths?

Recognition of negative aspects

Within Positive Psychology attention is not only paid to the positive aspects of life. Painful emotions, failures and other problems also identified and dealt with. It is the recognition of both sides results in a more complete, balanced and successful life.

When you focus on your weaknesses, your performance will decline by 27%. When you focus on your strengths, your performance will improve by 36%.

Source: Corporate Leadership Council

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