Happiness coaching

How often have you wondered how you can have luck more often and can experience more happiness? How you can create more opportunities for yourself and others? Do you want to make better choices and change habits that no longer are of service to you? We are happy to help. On the basis of the latest scientific findings we ensure that you will experience more lasting happiness, have more success and can live your top life.

Step by step to your most happy top life

What makes you happy? How can you get the most out of your life? In a way that suits you? During our happiness coaching we help you to answer your questions about your (development towards your) most happy top life. Step by step and paying detailed attention to your unique needs, ideals and talents. Your challenges and skills in the field of emotional intelligence will also be discussed extensively. Besides, there is attention to your interactions with friends, family and colleagues. Encouraging others and giving them a chance to be happy, has a positive effect on your happiness. Moreover, a happy atmosphere and setting provide you with new opportunities and possibilities. Above all, we focus on what really suits you, what you are passionate about and what gives you energy.

The right coaching for you

Happiness Coaching is a form of personal coaching. Personal coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve more and/or wants to gain insight into his or her personal energy balance, and how it relates to a pleasant life. With personal and professional success. The conversations and exercises work preventive against stress, overwork and burnout. In any case, we will help you to get, and keep, a better (balanced) life.

Would you like to focuses on career issues specifically? Then choose oour career coaching. Would you like to be suported in the development of your business (idea) and make it a success, in a way that suits you? Than business coaching is right for you. Would you like to receive help with your development as a top entrepreneur, top manager or top director or do you wish for an independent sounding board or a sparring partner? Then choose executive coaching. You can also choose Personalized Training en Practical Coaching: an individual learning trajectory in groups.

Do you want to learn how the power of enthusiasm can help you to accelerate and strengthen both personal and organizational change? How you (along with others) can shift from ‘should‘ to ‘willing and able’, in a fun and effective way? Then choose our specially for this purpose developed enthusiasm coaching.

Our approach

We work from the principles of life coaching, vitality coaching, appreciative coaching and Positive PsychologyWhere ithelps and is needed, complemented with other Eastern and Western theories and practices. Continuously we work evidence based: based on research and – especially – when it works for you. We focus on your – individual or team – aspirations, needs, values ​​and talents. With the aim to let them optimally flourish and create the best and most lasting results. There is room for business and private issues. In consultation with you(r team) we look at all relevant factors that may help: the mental or psychological, physical, social and emotional aspects.

How can our happiness coaching to help you?

  • Getting a more positive outlook on life.
  • Enjoying life more.
  • Living more mindfully in the Here and Now.
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life.
  • Getting clear what hinders you to be happy.

Research has shown that happiness coaching gives positive results in your personal and work life, including:

  • Experiencing more happiness.
  • Being physically healthier.
  • Being more creative.
  • Being able to make better decisions.
  • More enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Being more successful.
  • Experiencing more wisdom and intuition.
  • Having more healthy relations.

Signalen om jouw geluk te onderzoeken zijn:

  • You feel that you are dissatisfied often.
  • You don’t feel balance in your life.
  • You have trouble forgiving people.

  • You are comparing yourself with others constantly.
  • You don’t feel involvement with others.
  • You experience to be in a negative current.


Do you have questions about personal coaching or do you want to start right away? We would love to hear from you!

Positive psychology

Our coaching is based on a.o. Positive Psychology. Are you curious what this means or do you wonder what this can mean for you?

The right coaching for you

With the personal guidance of one of our best matching coaches, you will learn to see what you can do to improve the situation you are in (yourself). Which coaching suits you best?

Personalized Training and Practical Coaching

With the personal guidance of one of our best matching coaches, you will learn to see what you can do to improve the situation you are in (yourself). Which coaching suits you best?

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