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Reiki helps to restore harmony in your body, mind and soul. It is possible to receive a Reiki treatment from one of our coaches. We can also teach you to give it to yourself. During a coaching session or Mindfulness training, for example.

  • Learn to release tension and to think in a more positive way.
  • Find out what’s important to you, accept yourself and live the life you want.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese treatment method. Rei-ki means ‘power of the sun’, or ‘life energy’. Everyone needs energy to live a healthy and happy life. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to rebalance disrupted energy lines.

The practitioner transmits energy to the receiver through the hands. Direct skin contact is not required. Both therapist and client wear simple, loose fitting clothing. This makes it possible to be relaxed and move freely. You can undergo a treatment either sitting or lying down.

What are the results?

A Reiki treatment helps to solve symptoms on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and strengthens overall health and well-being. It is aimed at removing blockages, which can cause diseases and other discomforts. It also helps to release tension and to think in a more positive way.

Furthermore Reiki can help you to discover what is important to you. It helps you to accept yourself and to stand in your power so you can live the life that you want

(Beginnings of) scientific evidence for the effect of Reiki you can find here and here.

Certified therapists

Gustaaf and Nathalie are certified Reiki Masters. Gustaaf has additionally been trained as a Reiki teacher.

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