My executive MBA module now has this entrepeneurship course. We just started and the lecturer and I disagree. He says everybody could be taught to be an entrepeneur… I say everybody by definition is an entrepeneur. That is taking it one step further than Menno Lanting in his book “Everybody CEO“. But basically his main point is my core argument: you are responsible for your life, you are your CEO.

Of course that allows you to decide and become an employee. But do realize that being an employee is a choice and not the default. The default is that you are an entrepeneur. One who can sell his/her knowledge, skill, humor and what more. (BTW: You are actuallying doing that when you choose to become an employee.) You may have forgotten or never realized this, but there is a simple way of (re)finding this simple fact.

I hope you are not. But you could be in the position where this crisis is hitting you on the nose. Budgets are being slashed, possibly some of yours… maybe even all yours. Jobs are being cut, possibly yours. In any case: set backs, lack of money and crisis in general tend to wake the entrepeneur in you.

Try the following to light the entrepeneural spark in you. Do not use any of your own money this week. Don’t borrow. Don’t steal. And oh, yeah, don’t die. Have fun being entrepeneural.