‘To live, to learn and to leave a legacy.’ One of my favorite oneliners of Stephen R. Covey, who died today (July 16th 2012). From how he affected me I know he did leave a legacy.

I own his complete works. Okay, I own many books, full stop. But if my house was on fire and I could only save one… it would be his 7 habits of highly effective people. It holds the seeds for most of my learnings and teachings. Alongst one of the principles mentioned I make sure to give out most of what I do for free: I believe in affluence.

It is why I humbly admit that chances are that you could learn anything I could teach you, from the works of Stephen R. Covey. Passing on those will be my contribution to his legacy. RIP Mr. Covey, I hope you and your loved ones are happy and proud about that extraordinary life and its legacy once tears have dried and warm memories settle in the heart.