Kids say the darnest things. So they say (adults, that is). I disagree. Kids speak the truth as they know and see it.

They humble us with questions that show us how little we actually know. And often times they show us the better way out a situation.

For example the kid of a law professor at Harvard that sat in on a class of his dad. The law professor served a case “You and your business partner get into a dispute. What do you do?”. The bright students discussed many approaches for taking this to court. The kid raised his hand, but the father would only allowed him to answer when the students insisted. “What would you do?”, he asked his son. “Well, since we used to be good friends I would apologize and ask how we could become friends again.”

So whenever I want to be humbled I turn to kids. Possibly my favorite humblifying video in this genre is this one: