Improve yourself? Don’t drink calories! A sound and solid pillar under each diet and healthy life styel. Our body can’t count calories in our drinks and will not give of the “Ok, enough already!” signal.

Water drinking is the healthy habit: two litres a day, preferably cold. Why don’t we all drink water? And what water to drink?

Canned Drinks Calorie Chart

Producers of softdrinks spend billions to make you believe their drinks are the tastier and possibly(?) healthier alternative for water. They try to leverage our learned behavior and our addiction aptness for fat and sugar.

Sugar for example is so addictive (and unhealthy) that if introduced today, it would be denied and banned as food! It slowly is becoming common sense that sugar is bad for you. This growing insight caused Coca-Cola to spend billions on introducing Coca-Cola Zero… Leading to zero new customers, but prevented many current ones from fleeing the brand altogether. And these days Coca-Cola bottles a drink that one could qualify as Coca-Cola minus the syrup…: water (Dasani).

So, water is ‘hot’. But what water to drink? For us (Dutchies) it is simple: tap water! Possibly the best quality in the world and certainly the most looked after and auditted food in our country. And no chlorine, like in so many other countries.

Of course you could pay (a lot!) for and break your back over bottles of water. But let me challenge you. Buy a bottle of any bottled water in your super market. Put it into you fridge next to your tap water. Leave it for a day. Then have ten people ‘blind’ test, comment and choose. Chances are you will be like the people in this wonderful video.

After watching the clip you will be less surprised to learn that Coca-Cola’s Dasani… is tap water. Filtered through reverse osmosis and with some added minerals.