We believe in real and lasting change, built on people’s actual strengths and values. The basis of which is laid at school. That is why we provide programs like Scholing Together, Inspired and Inspiring Teacher and How to Really Change the World. In order to invigorate this, we sign the Charter for Compassionate Schools. This initiative, launched by British author and winner of the TED Prize 2008 Karen Armstrong, aims to teach children not only through their heads, but also – and especially – through their hearts. We fully and warmly borh endorse and support this.

Partner and community

By signing, and thus pledging, we have become an official partnerof the Charter for Compassion in general and the Charter for Compassionate Schools in particular. We now also are affiliated with the global Charter Community.

Ardent desire

Below is Karen Armstrong’s famous TEDTalk from 2008, in which she expressed her ardent desire (from 00:17:24): a globally embraced Charter for Compassion. At the same event she asked the TED community to help reinstate The Golden Rule: ‘Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you’. And below that the Introduction to the Charter for Compassion video to which this gave rise.

You too can sign the Charter. You can find it here (general) and here (the special one for education). Thank you very much for your support!