‘Empowerment, I hate it!’ So said Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord recently. During a discussion meeting on the welfare of workers, organized by Virgin Disrupters. A woman after our own hearts! Strange for consultants who help companies to get the most out of people? At first glance it might be. But when you hear why she and we think this way, you will probably change your mind.

The reason that companies focus on empowerment (enabling employees to make their own decisions) is, according to Patty, that they earlier took that pro-activity and self-reliance away. That is why they now have to give it back, says the woman behind the Netflix culture deck. Thus referring to the traditional, so-called Taylorian management style, named after its American founder Frederick Taylor. This assumes that employees are stupid and lazy. Therefore a separate, additional layer of experts (managers) is needed to bring productivity and profitability to new heights. Strange and unnecessary, Patty says: “Why don’t we just assume that everyone walks in the door every day powerful and strong? Ready to contribute. That staff understand the mission. That they are therebecause they want to be? Why don’t we createcompanies where people have the freedom to do their work under those circumstances?”

Best results from positivity

Postive leadership is the management style which Patty refers to is called. It completely meets our philosophy, which we describe in our free ebook Energy to Excelerate. This way to bring out the best in yourself and your employees, resulting in optimal results, is based on Positive Psychology. Positive leadership is one of the possible topics of our next webinar. Do you want to hear more about it? Vote on this subject now.