The driving force behind the movie? Not the beautiful scenery, that in real life South-Africa is even more splendid. Not the renowned actors, who masterfully restrict themselves to truthfully portraying their real characters. Not the story itself, simply summarized by: unlikely team makes it to champion.

The goose bumps stem from the pinch of Nelson Mandela on top of the black & white hot cake of South Africa of the ninetees. This movie is a fine prelude to learning leadership from Mandela. A sneak preview: the poem from the movie.

P.S. In 2010 another World Championship was hosted by South Africa. Soccer, yes! On the way back from the opening party Mandela’s grand daughter died in a car crash. After grieving and staying away from the championship Mr. Mandela did what most of us, so old and so sad, would not have, he showed up just before the final: