“What it is exactly that you do Gustaaf…?” I was about to deliver my elevator pitch on consulting, training and coaching of top managers, experts and top talents. But she beat me immediately by pre-emptively posing the follow-up question: “And you do that so as to achieve what?”

Sometimes hard questions have surpisingly simple answers: I help people to improve themselves. In may different ways, based on widely varied sources and for a broad range of people. What I do is always the same: I (help) change the world. The why of that is simple too.

In 1973 I became an orphan. Ever since I have been helped by numerous people from all over the world. With love, inspiration, knowledge and all anybody ever needs. All to change the world. Because that is what I want ever since I was a boy.

In the meantime I founded three companies, helped develop three new international bachelor studies and I have coached and trained over ten thousand people. Nothing, nothing, of that I could have done (just) by myself. The mistakes I make in life are mine and for the successes I am are largely endebted to so many people. But nonetheless, from my own experience I know: changing the world is possible.

Why I want to change the world? Because I believe that everybody would rather be a an average scoring good person than a succesful bad one. And because I know we grow faster and taller when we help eachother out. And yes, I know, that doing your utmost does not give you any guarantees on scoring, support or any other form of success. And yes, I also know that doing good does not make life nice or fair to you. And yes, I also know that people find it dreamy, impossible or just hard.

To help people with all that I this year created: How to Really Change the World, a bachelor level lectures series in which practical and applicable change skills are at the heart. Accessible to students and professionals, live and (later) through the web, see our special How to Really Change the World Facebook page.

A nice example that inspires and gives insight into how simple it can be to for one to change the world.