Over twenty intelligent, ambitious and creative participants at the kick-off of our English program How to Really Change the World. Not all interested parties could be there. Fortunately, because otherwise the room would have been too small.

Great to see that besides the students of The Hague University many professionals also are very enthusiastic about the practical minor!


After Gustaaf’s explanation of the total of eleven meetings around Change skills, visiting lecturer and Nyenrode Professor Henry Robben told on the importance of BHAG’s: Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Then everyone started working for themselves. Describing of their own BHAGs, in order to really change the world.

The first participants have shared their BHAGs during the meeting with the group already. Just as well, because to be admitted to the rest of the course, participants should have a clear reason why they wish to participate. And convincingly explain why others would want to help them achieve their goals. We are very curious about the motivation pieces that follow. And which students and professionals will qualify for the first subject of the minor!

Watch the video for a short impression of the wonderful BHAG session: students, professors and professionals from around the world on an adventurous quest to really change the world!

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