What are strength creators? What are the most common ones? How do they help you, on your way to your top? Why should not only develop critical thinking, on your way there, but also need to work on more ‘soft’ qualities such as emotional intelligence, leadership and creativity. And how you can do that for free.

Through our webinar Create your dream job you (further) discovered how important they are: your strength creators. The qualities that make you strong. That what you’re good at, what gives you energy and makes you feel strong while you do it. For optimum performance, your strength creators must be sufficiently addressed and used. Then they make sure people see your qualities, and they avoid burn-out. In your work and private life.

Your best possible self

How do you discover what your strength creators are? A simple way is through the free VIA Survey. If you make this scientifically based online test, you will not only understand what qualities are essential to who you are and what you need to be your best self. You also contribute to scientific research. For the experts of the VIA Institute on Character, who developed the survey, use the responses from all participants to obtain even more knowledge on the subject of Positive Psychology.

The Top 5

Wondering what qualities actually do make most people strong? The VIA Institute announced what they are. The strength creators that occur most often in the Top 5 of the filled in surveys are:

Source: VIA Institute on Character

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Better than a computer or someone in a lower-wage country

A nice coincidence, or perhaps not at all, is the similarity between the Top 5 above and what several studies already have been exuding in recent years. What’s that? Not only IQ, or critical thinking is a good predictor of success. Other, more EQ related qualities have shown to be at least an even good measure. Emotional intelligence, collaboration and communication, creative thinking and leadership, for example. At least just as good? Indeed. In his book A Whole New Mind author Daniel Pink even predicts that people who own the latter, so-called right-brain qualities, will rule in this century. Everything else can be done better or cheaper by means of a computer or someone in a lower-wage country, he says. In this excerpt, he explains this to Oprah Winfrey.

Still not convinced that it is important to also work on your soft skills? Take a look at the development in this graph.

soft, skills. vaardigheden, 21e eeuw, talent, succes, ontwikkeling

Getting started with your strength creators

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From strength creators to success

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