December is right around the corner. At the end of the year, I always look back at the things I’ve done in the past 12 months, what I’ve learned from it and what I take with me into the new year. One of the things that had a huge impact on me is that, according to Positive Psychology founder Martin Seligman, worldwide there currently are over 3 billion people who don’t feel happy. In my opinion that’s way too much! My New Year’s resolution therefore: I’m going to do something about this! Together with my colleagues, and if you want, with you too.  

Do you also want to experience as much happiness as possible in 2017, and the lowest amount of stress? Then, my ideal New Year’s gift for you next year is happiness!

There are 3 billion people worldwide who don’t feel happy

Now I hear you think: ‘How can you give someone happiness?’ I’ve asked myself that question too. Here is the answer!

As you can frequently read and see on the Power2Improve Facebook page, I try my best to let my colleagues and our customers experience happy moments on a regular basis. As a member of our Happy Makers Team, together with a group of other enthusiastic colleagues, I ensure the Happy High Performance atmosphere at work in a pro-active way. And we do this for a reason. Happy high performance teaming isn’t only great fun, it is also very important. Did you know that happy employees experience more feelings of joy, motivation and inspiration ánd that happy teams are up to four times as successful as teams whose members aren’t that happy? Therefore, it isn’t only great for you and your colleagues when you feel good, but it’s also marvellous news for your supervisor ánd your customers!

You will discover a lot more positive results on this way of working in the infographic below.

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Happy teams are up to 4x as successful as teams who are not

Allowing yourself and others to feel happy by giving or receiving small (and sometimes bigger) compliments or reaching a milestone, may seem obvious. However, according to the hard facts that Martin Seligman states, nothing could be further from the truth. As a Happy Maker, I feel the urge and need to make a change in this, as much as I can. For example by organizing a Gratitude dinner for our whole team, which will be taking place in a few weeks. While enjoying some nice food and drinks, my colleagues and I will dwell upon our Strength Creators, the qualities that make us strong and successful, and the things that we are grateful for. Together, we will also search for ways to maintain this feeling. Now, ánd in the upcoming year.

In order for us to help you feel the best and most happy feelings ever, we are currently developing a special Happier New Year Program. This will inter alia provide you with ways to use your unique set of Strength Creators. The qualities that make you up to four times as successful. We all have strong qualities, yet not everyone is sufficiently aware of what his or her strengths are and how to use them in the best way. That is why I would love to give you the opportunity to discover your Strength Creators Top 5, just like me and my colleagues already did. Take the test and you will soon find out what your strongest qualities are. Moreover, we will also tell you how you can become the best and most happy version of yourself, based on your strengths.

Your first step in the way to your super dose of happiness in 2017

Stay tuned for the soon to be launched Happier New Year (online) course. Are you so excited that you want to start your most happy new year right now already? By taking the free Strength Creators test you can already take the first step on your way to your super dose of happiness! Moreover, if you take the test right now, you will also get a sneak preview of the Happier New Year Program approach and design. Besides, you will also find out how to subscribe as one of the first!

Cheeks glowing with pride

Do you also want to grow and develop in your way of feeling more positive emotions, discover and use your qualities, strengthen your relationships with others ánd experience happiness more often? We all want to start the year knowing we will be even happier this year, right? How lovely would feeling emotionally and mentally fit for 365 days in a row be? Your cheeks glowing with pride, upon you finishing a tough project. Experiencing appreciation for your unique and typical character traits and strengths, both at work and in private. Having a positive and grateful attitude towards your past, and an optimistic attitude towards the future.

Starting, and ending, a year full of happiness

How to really and truly give someone the gift of happiness? By making it as simple as it sounds. Together with a few other colleagues, our Happy Makers Team is currently developing a brand new course, which will provide you with real-life happiness. Use it as a smart toolbox, a package of super powerful batteries, brimming with new energy, to boost your life in a positive way. To optimize your feelings of happiness and become a real Happy Maker yourself. You can do something about this right now. Because, let’s face it: isn’t giving, instead of just wishing, happiness, the greatest gift to give yourself, or someone else? I hope to meet you during the program. Let’s create and experience even more happiness in 2017, together. I sincerely wish you, and myself, the most sparkling Happy New Year ever!